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Apple MacBook Pro Core i7 2.8 ''15'' 2015 With 16G RAM and a 500GB SSD Hard - Dual Graphics Processor AMD Radeon R9 2GB - Intel Iris Pro 1.5G

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MacPro Cylinder

Mac has always been built around a singular vision: Therefore, Mac has always been built around a singular vision: to create machines that are as powerful and functional as they are beautiful and intuitive. Mac Pro is a stunning realization of that ideal. All the elements that define a pro computer — graphics, storage, expansion,… Read More


A scorching fast RAID powerhouse Equipped with up to 16TB of solid-state storage running at a scorching fast 2800MB/s, the G-SPEED Shuttle SSD device with Thunderbolt™ 3 technology lets you edit multi-camera footage in real time and quickly export with incredible efficiency. Product Features Ideal Capacity For Demanding Production Workflows Up to 16TB of high-performance… Read More

first of all, G-RAID with Thunderbolt 3:

for the reason that، High-Performance, Dual-Drive Storage: Furthermore, The G-RAID with Thunderbolt 3 is a high-performance. Therefore, dual Enterprise-class 7200RPM hard drive storage system featuring Thunderbolt 3. Another, USB–C™ (supports USB 3.1 Gen 2) .In addition,  HDMI® connectivity for ultimate flexibility. Consequently, with removable drives, this ultra-fast. Similarly, High-capacity storage solution is designed for the most demanding… Read More


Better. Stronger. Faster. The G-DRIVE ev RaW SSD is reinforced by a protective rubber bumper and offers transfer rates up to 425MB/s1 and up to 2TB2 of capacity for a durable, shock-resistant way to quickly edit or back up your media. And with Evolution Series compatibility, a G-DRIVE ev RaW SSD works seamlessly with a G-SPEED Shuttle… Read More

First of all, Power to the Pro

Therefore, Pros love iMac. So we created one just for you. It’s packed with the most powerful graphics and processors ever in a Mac, along with the most advanced storage, memory, and I/O — all behind a breathtaking Retina 5K display in a sleek, all-in-one design. For everyone from photographers to video editors to 3D… Read More

first of all, Above all,The 10 Best Photoshop Alternatives for Mac (2019)

In other words, You don’t have to use Adobe Photoshop on your Mac to edit images like a pro. However, there are plenty of Photoshop alternatives for Mac that you can download or use in-browser to create just the right images and graphics for your projects. Also , some of them are completely free! For… Read More

Above all, Choosing A Computer For Video Editing

However, Just about any computer these days can edit a simple video, even your smart phone! For serious movie making, you’re going to need to step it up a notch. For instance, especially with 4K, 6k and even 8k video, you need a computer that can handle and process all that gobs of information .… Read More

Above all,The Power Of G-Technology

G-Technology : However, A brand of external storage products designed and marketed for the Macintosh, creative pro, photography and A/V markets. Its USB, FireWire, eSATA, SAS, SCSI Thunderbolt, and Fibre Channel systems support all levels of audio/video production. In addition, It is owned by HGST, a subsidiary of Western Digital G-Technology Products  However, G-Technology sells… Read More

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